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Qualification of project staff:

Dr. Dana Milakovic

Dr. Dana Milakovic is a doctoral level clinician with over 15 years of experience working with individuals who have experienced loss and trauma. As a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, her methodology focuses on identification of internal schema's and triggers which result in maladaptive behaviors. Dr. Milakovic is well versed in data collection and using data to make treatment decisions throughout therapy sessions.

Corporal Bobby McHugh

Bobby McHugh is an experienced Marine who was discharged following his injury in Afghanistan and was later diagnosed with PTSD. In addition to participating in several equine therapy programs, he is well versed in the needs of Veterans with PTSD and is working with “Reclaiming the Reins” as a liaison between our Veteran clients and other staff members.

Emily Selvey

Emily Selvey is an equine specialist with over 25 years of experience with horses. Her experience includes educating individuals on horse behavior, working with horses, and understanding how horse behavior reflects the internal needs and emotions of the individuals working with the horses. She also focuses on horse training and rehabilitation of rescued horses to then be used in various aspects of the programs.