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Multi-Week Equine Therapy Program:

RTR's multi-week program will consist of a 6-session program utilizing a Cognitive Behavior Therapy approach.

Our program will focus exclusively on working with horses. Participant's goals will focus on awareness of body language (horse and human), how their body language and internal feelings affect horse behavior, establishing trust with others, expression of emotions in a safe manner, assertive leadership, and team work. Horses have been chosen for this program due to their size, herd mentality, hyper-vigilance, and response to body language and emotionality. Research has indicated evidence-based efficacy in usage of animal-assisted therapy in participants including war veterans and first responders with PTSD. Additional research focused on adolescent outcomes have shown efficacy in participants with PTSD, victims of domestic violence, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, conduct disorders, dissociative disorders, chronic mental illness, and anxiety disorders.

Wellness Program:

RTR's wellness program will run from Friday evening through Sunday evening. Program focus and design will be similar to our multi-week program; however its designed for Veterans and First Responders who have been through either RTR's program or through another equine therapy program. The focus of our weekend program is to increase participant well-being and increase participant awareness of communication and body language.

Team Building:

Team building programs will focus on weekend or day programs. These programs are more flexible in terms of outcome goals and timing. RTR staff will work with individual groups or corporations to develop a program to meet their team building needs.